Short Term Office Rental Singapore

Short Term Office Rental In Singapore

Short Term Office Rental In Singapore: Fully Furnished Office Space Tailored To Your Needs And Budget Looking to start a new company ? Looking for an office to house your startup? Is your current office undergoing renovations? Or is your company starting a new project that requires additional staff for a specified period? So are you looking to rent a short term office in Singapore?  If yes, you have probably come across many alternatives and different solutions when it comes […]

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Why You Should Rent A Serviced Office In Hong Kong?

Why You Should Rent A Serviced Office In Hong Kong? As you probably know by now, the serviced office space is continuously outpacing the conventional office rentals in many countries across the world. The situation is the same in Asia – you can rent serviced office in Hong Kong and explore the benefits without having to own anything while working in the best locations. The serviced office industry is also among the fastest growing sectors in the global property market. […]

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Why Should You Rent A Serviced Office Space?

Leasing a serviced office is one of the best options if your business require short term office rental. It is an ideal option, especially for small and medium businesses, large conglomerates, for the purpose of international or offshore projects and temporary office space during office renovation or relocation. Leasing a serviced office will surely provide a lot of benefits and also resolve a lot of your headaches. Some of the greatest benefits of leasing a serviced office are: It provides […]

Singapore Flexible Office Rental Guide

Singapore Flexible Office Rental Guide

Singapore – a leading financial powerhouse city-state, strategically located in the centre of South East Asia, is a magnet for various kind of businesses , ranging from start ups , small- medium enterprises and large Multinational Companies in setting up their offices and headquarters here. Due to slate of businesses friendly policies and robust financial and stock system , there has been a increase of demand in the wide myriad of offices available throughout the island state. Conventional offices with […]

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Common Mistakes Made When Leasing A New Office

Either when you are having a established business or you are just starting up, finding the right office for your team is one of the most important things you will need to undertake as a business leader or decision-maker. However finding the ideal office space for your business is certainly no easy task. It can take up a person or even a whole team of time and resources, With more than 5 years of industry experience, we have helped numerous businesses […]


How much space is really needed for your office?

In our course of work in advising businesses on their choice of office space, one of the most often asked questions is :  How much space is  really needed for my office? Before embarking on the search for their ideal office space, most businesses often miscalculate or even overestimate ( which is much often the case ) the space that is really necessary for their normal day to day business operations. Before we start the search for clients, the below […]

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Why And Where you should rent your office in Hong Kong

There are numerous advantages of setting up a company in Hong Kong. Due to its excellent location in Asia Pacific, and a natural gateway to Mainland China  and also its position as a leading global financial centre. Below are some of the most important reasons why businesses chose to set up their companies and offices here Stable political environment Robust economy Business friendly tax policies Relative ease in setting a company English common law, separate from Mainland China Foreigner friendly […]


Why rent a Serviced Office?

With the rise of co-working offices in Asia in recent years, the usage of Serviced Offices have also increased proportionally. For many businesses to choose their office space, there are now a huge plethora of choices. Renting a Serviced Office is still a very popular choice as it still serve the many purposes of a modern business and its needs which a traditional workspace and even a co-working space can’t fulfil. First and foremost every business requires a professional business […]


10 Things to consider when choosing a co-working space

With mushrooming of multiple co-working and shared office space in the past 2 years throughout Asia, choosing a space that fits you and your business may not be an easy task at all. Let’s discuss are the specific things that needed to be considered carefully before signing up at your ideal office.        1.   What’s in the space ?   Most spaces will be fitted out with standard office equipment, but be sure to enquire about anything […]

Serviced offices vs co-working space

Differences between a Co-working Space and a Serviced Office

In the course of our work, we are very often asked about this question. And we are aware that many people will still stumble upon it and struggle to answer it properly. Let’s take a closer look at this below Co-working Space Serviced Offices Office Open concept plan, collaborative, with shared amenities and facilities. Tend to incorporate lifestyle elements and facilities such as rest & massage rooms, in house cafes, bar counters and pool tables. Each office occupied by one […]