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Differences Between Renting an Office in Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA

Whether you’re simply curious about what it’s like to rent commercial space in other parts of the world, or you’re set on expanding internationally, it can be helpful for businesses to understand the differences between renting an office in Asia when compared to Europe and the United States. Read on to discover a more in-depth look at the current situation for renting commercial space in each of these locations and gain a better understanding of how they may vary. United […]


Kuala Lumpur: A Rising Location for Start-Ups

Anyone with a working knowledge of business in the Asia Pacific region will be aware of the ways Kuala Lumpur is emerging as a start-up hub, especially if you’re in with the up and coming crowd of entrepreneurs. It was also rated as the top 11 tech cities in Asia  However, it hasn’t always been that way. A while back, many top businesses in Kuala Lumpur were pulling out of the local scene and heading for Singapore, Australia or the […]


Guide To Setting Up An Office In China

About China China is one of the world’s largest economies. With its growing middle class and its consumption needs, as well as unparalleled manufacturing capabilities, China has grown to a scale that is largely uncontested. As Chinese companies such as Alibaba ,  Didi Daiche and Tencent lead the fray, China’s tech and ecommerce industry is also experiencing a renaissance amidst a heavily regulated climate.   Benefits of Setting Up An Office in China Investment / Free Zone Zones ( FTZ )  China […]

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Benefits of setting up an office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is made of several various sheikdoms and is located on the border of the Arabian Peninsula. The country itself has been on the forefront of twenty-first century inventions and modernity. The United Arab Emirates has become one of the most affluent states in the region since oil was discovered in the 1930s. A diverse economy and tourism have made the country very attractive to prospective investors and as such setting up an office in UAE has always been […]

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Mechanics of Searching for a New Office

Mechanics Of Searching For A New Office Gone were the days when you go searching for an office of 1500 to 2000 square feet , that can accommodate 8 to 10 persons. And you spend precious time visiting more than 10 sites with different real estate agents. Upon shortlisting the space, negotiating with the Landlord, and then renovating and out fitting it.  And you end up getting locked up in a 3 years lease without knowing how your business will […]


Guide To Setting Up An Office In Singapore

About Singapore  Singapore is one of the world’s most established financial hubs, operating as a cultural gateway between the East and West. Despite being just a small city-state, Singapore has proven to be an economic giant. Additionally, Singapore is moving towards being a top technology, science and media hub in the region, and also holds one of the world’s busiest ports.Much has been spoken about the many benefits of opening a company in Singapore. We shall go through some of […]

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How Office Design May Affect Your Productivity

How Office Design May Affect Your Productivity (Asia Serviced Offices) Having access to a commercial space dedicated to your business is the ultimate goal for many business owners. Ideally, the office should be filled with motivation, creativity and productivity. However, bad design may end up having the opposite effect, essentially dampening the mood and nature of your working environment. How is design linked to productivity? An employee’s environment has been proved to affect the way they focus at work. In […]


Current Commercial Real Estate Trends in Asia Pacific: What You Need To Know (Asia Serviced Offices)

In 2016, the demand for occupiers and investors across the Asia Pacific region is increasing, following on from an improvement in the balance between the two in 2015.  Additionally, the increase in real estate transactions that is already prevalent in 2016 is likely to continue due to strong demand for investment. Asia Pacific Summary The most significant theme of 2016 has been the rise in real estate transactions across the region. This effect is a result of high demand and […]


Top 5 reasons for choosing serviced offices for rent

Are you thinking about expanding or downsizing your company or looking for an office space for a short period of time,  for a project with extra manpower or for a short term period ? See our top five reasons below why renting a serviced office may benefit your business 1. Flexibility – One of the largest benefits of using serviced offices is their flexibility. You can just lease them for one month or for several months and are designed to accommodate […]